The biggest winners in casinos - List of the biggest casino winnings
If you take a look at the people who ended up with biggest casino winnings in the history, you can see how lucky they are. We will provide you with the list and you can simply refer to it.

Biggest casino winnings in the history

Biggest casino winnings in the historyMany people believe that gambling systems are designed to make sure that people don’t get a chance to win. This fact is not true. We can see lots of people ending up with outstanding results in the casino games that they play. Out of them we see some of the players ending up with outstanding results as well. From this article, we will provide you with few such examples.

Here’s a list of some of the biggest casino winnings recorded in the history. You will be surprised to see some of the figures that you can read in this article as well.

Excalibur Casino - $39.7 million

In the year 2003, a 25 old engineer based in Las Vegas walked into Excalibur casino, which is located in Las Vegas. His main intention to visit Vegas was to go ahead and support his favorite basketball team. He walked into the casino while keeping few spare hours to the match. As a result, he walked into the Excalibur Casino, which was located in the neighborhood. He didn’t have any intentions to win a game. He was just looking forward to take part in a game.

After coming into the Excalibur Casino, this young engineer sat down in one of the slot machines. That’s where everything changed. He kept on throwing coins one by one. By the time he spent $100, he was able to see the “Jackpot” sign displaying on the interface. Along with that, a music started playing as well. Along with that, he was able to end up with victory.

The total amount that he could win in this casino game was $39.7 million. It was one of the biggest victories that he could earn in history as well. However, the engineer who won this amount decided to keep his name as a secret. Along with that, people started calling him as the “young engineer”. On the other hand, he asked the management of Excalibur casino not to transfer all the money to him at once, but just transfer $1.5 million per year.

MGM Grand Casino - $20 million to $40 million

Kerry Packer was one of the richest people to live in Australia. He had the habit of visiting Las Vegas regularly as well. On one evening where he spent in MGM Grand Casino in Las Vegas, he got lucky to win a grand price, which is in between $20 million and $40 million. However, the exact figure that Kerry parker won was not made public.

Soon after the winning streak, Kerry was able to win this grand prize. He was thrilled by it and he started splashing money right away. However, he lost his life due to gambling as well. He lost around $28 million due to casino in 2005 and he decided to commit suicide because of that.

Mirage Casino - $4.6 million and $21 million

This is another story about a victorious game of casino that was played in a Vegas Casino. This took place in the Mirage Casino. If you have ever played casino games, you know how difficult it is to win million dollars. However, you can still find people who have been able to win over $1 million, not just for one time, but for two times as well. Elmer Sherwin is a perfect example to prove the above-mentioned fact.

Elmer Sherwin is a veteran from the Second World War. He was able to win a massive casino jackpot of $4.6 million at the age of 76. He decided to spend this money and go on a world tour. One of the most interesting facts about this victory is that he could end up as the winner only after 10 hours of opening the Mirage Casino.

Elmer spent almost all the money that he earned through this victory on his world tour. After the world tour, he continued to visit the casinos in Las Vegas as well. After 16 years, he was able to hit the jackpot on the same casino. In this instance, he was even luckier because he could bag $21million. He decided to spend half of this money on charity. In fact, most of the money were spent to help people who were hit by hurricane Katrina.

Caesar, Borgata, and Tropicana Casinos - $15 million

Fir the very first time in this article, we are going to move from the casinos in Las Vegas to a casino that is located in the Atlantic City. That’s where we are going to let you know about the success story of Don Johnson, who was able to win a combined amount of $15 million. He was able to win this amount in three different occasions, in three different casinos. Caesar, Borgata, and Tropicana Casinos are the three casinos out of them. With all these victories, people started calling him as “The Killer from Atlantic City”.

Don Johnson was one of the skilled casino players. The skills that he had contributed a lot towards his outstanding victories in the casino. After the series of victories, he had a discussion with the casino management as well. That’s where he encouraged the management to come up with some new rules, which would reduce the advantage within the gambling house. Some of the rules suggested by Don Johnson were implemented as well. That’s where the management decided to compensate 20% of the losses of players, who lost more than $500,000. However, the management went through a detailed analysis before following the suggestions that were brought forward by Don Johnson.

Fremont Casino - $8.9 million

At Fremont Casino, a Hawaii dweller named Amy Nishimura was able to end up with a massive winning of $8.9 million. Amy decided to come to Las Vegas with the objective of spending her vacation. However, she got attracted by the casino scene that prevailed within the city. That’s where she decided to get near one of the machines and play a game.

Amy was not a casino player and she didn’t have any previous experience at all. She was not aware of any of the tips and tricks that a gambling player should use as well. She just approached near the gambling machine and started talking to the machine. In fact, she told the gambling machine that she is looking for luck as she is in need of money. That’s where Amy decided to drop a coin and start playing. While playing the game, Amy had less than $100 in her pocket. However, she was able to keep on wining. She continued to play for three hours until the machine awarded her with the jackpot. Along with that, Amy could win a thumping amount of $8.9 million. This is a perfect example of how luck works.

Gold Coast Casino - $12 million

In the year 1996, John Tippin was able to win $12 million in a casino. This was another massive casino winning in the history, which took place by accident. John Tippin decided to come to Las Vegas in order to spend his vacation. However, he got lucky enough to secure a $12 million jackpot during the stay.

John decided to spend all his money on beautiful women and luxurious limousines. He didn’t have any idea on what he should be doing with all the money that he could win all of a sudden. That’s where he decided to go ahead and publish a book as well. The book was titled as “I did it, My life after Megabucks”. This is one of the most interesting books to read as well.

Monte Carlo Casino – 1 million Francs

Monte Carlo Casino is one of the most popular casinos that you can find in Monaco. We can also find some massive casino winnings in Monte Carlo Casino as well. From one such gambling game that took place in the year 1891, a person was able to win a massive amount of 1 million Francs. This is a big amount back in the day.

Charles Wells was the person who could end up with winning this jackpot. In fact, he was one of the most popular roulette players back in the day. He was able to win a lot of popularity and wealth with his gambling activities. He was spending a lot of money on roulette. However, he was able to win with amazing victories in all these instances as well. With the victory that Charles Wells achieved at Monte Carlo Casino, people started calling him as the man who broke the bank located within Monte Carlo as well. Along with that, his name went down in the gambling history.